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Brandon Johnson

Change is inevitable. People change. Situations change. Businesses change. Behind all of those changes is a need to move forward. My goal as professional to assist people in making decisions that can bring their goals within closer reach. To accomplish this task, I must be as dedicated to my craft as the individuals that I help are dedicated to achieving their dreams. These dreams require growth. To play my part in in this growth process, I challenge myself by improving my skills daily so that I can provide better service to those who I am assisting on their paths.

My path into the accounting field started at Oakland Community College where I completed an Associate in Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting. To increase my skillset, I continued my studies at Wayne State University where I completed a Bachelors in Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting. These are just the first few stops in my journey of improving as an accountant. I will continue pursue credentials, as to stay current with the knowledge of the accounting field, so that I will always be in the best position to serve clients that I am in a position to assist with their goals.


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“Understand your money; Make a better life.”