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Jonathan Satterfield

I am a creative-minded entrepreneur (10 years), born-and-raised Detroiter (native of the Cass Corridor), and passionate financial professional. I became an accountant because it is the best way to leverage my entrepreneurial experiences and knowledge for the greatest benefit of the largest number of people. I am by nature and experience a people-person. I thrive on enabling my clients to become more financially astute and successful by providing them the right tools for the right jobs. My drive is to provide access to high-quality financial thinking to the people and organizations where it can have the most impact.

I choose to work at Lansat CPA Group because I feel like part of family here. I am appreciated every day and recognized for the hard work that I do. The company has also supported me in the pursuit of my education, in the birth of my twin boys, and in the achievement of both my personal and professional goals.

I have a Bachelor of Accountancy from Walsh College as well as two associate degrees, with honors, from Oakland Community College. I am also the father of identical twin boys, Enoch and Elijah; the proud partner of the strongest woman that I know, Tracy; and the proud human of a year-and-a-half old Great Dane, Remi.

I love to travel, and I am looking forward to traveling with my family when the are boys are old enough to remember it. I am an avid film photographer, a passion that I acquired while taking college classes. I am always open to experience new places, foods, cultures, and people.


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“We deliver personalized service in an impersonal business.”