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Tax Preparation

As a full-service firm, Lansat CPA Group prepares many individual tax returns each year. Your situation can be simple, or your situation can be complicated. Regardless, you will receive personalized attention and guidance from our experienced team.


Tax Planning

As an optional service, we offer tax planning services to individuals. You may ask yourself “What is tax planning?” and “Is there a benefit to adding this service?” The answer is always yes. Tax planning is usually done annually. Often, tax planning involves multiple tax years to obtain optimal results. Making simple adjustments during the year can save hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. Our experience, expertise, and thorough research allow us to optimize your tax planning opportunities.


IRS Resolution

Receiving a notice from the IRS is stressful and intimidating for most people. Drop your worries and let the Lansat CPA Group find the best solution for you. From understanding the reasons that you received the notice to resolving the tax issue, we will gladly walk you through the entire resolution process.

We offer services such as:

  • Penalty Abatements

  • Offers In Compromise

  • IRS Representation (Audits)