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Cheryl Coleman

Raised in a family of teachers, entrepreneurs, musicians, and church folk, I had quite an eclectic blend of rich energy going on growing up.

I had the opportunity to work at Lansat CPA Group, and was thrilled. I was immediately drawn to John Lansat’s entrepreneurial drive. A true business man! He has this genius ability to orchestrate balance for all of his clients, and their accounts with such ease. He also has the sincerest amount of patience, which is priceless! I have the highest level of respect for all that he does. The talents of all the associates individually, and combined as a team creates a great balance of knowledge, experience, wisdom, resolve which results in overall business success, and client satisfaction.

A native Detroiter, I started out at around 8 yrs. old running the front office at my parent’s music school, and store on W. Grand Blvd.

It was my pride and joy to polish the instruments, manage the money, keep things organized, while engaging patrons, and students. A lot of the skills I learned early on, helped pave the road for my future in service, which I feel is part of my calling.

I was encouraged to learn, to be diverse, and to learn about, and appreciate all the diversity in the world I live in. I've always been one who challenged myself to pursue what ever it was that I desired.

I studied vocal music, ballet, jazz, and contemporary dance, and soon went on to become a Certified Director of Physical Fitness, and Aerobics Instructor teaching at local gyms, for cooperate on site classes, university classes, and in private studios for several years.

I moved on to train, and to work in the the mortgage lending industry and became a Loan Officer, and Account Executive which was great.

I have a passion for skin care, and hair care, and went on to study and became a licensed Esthetician, and also a Certified Natural Hair Culturist . Having the opportunity to work in the spa's, in stores as a Makeup Artist, and in salons working magic with hair has been awesome.

I also have training, and experience as a Brand Ambassador for multiple brands which taught me, staff training, inventory upkeep, and Sales support from the brand stand point, and more.

I am thankful for all the knowledge, growth, and experience I have gained! The people I’ve met along the way, and the relationships that have been built are the most cherished part of my journey.

In my spare time I work out, read, swim, cycle, salsa dance, and on the weekends you may find me singing at your local restaurants, tasting rooms, and jazz clubs performing with a trio as a Jazz vocalist!

I always put God First! I treat others the way I believe we should all be treated, and I hope that I will make a difference somehow in the lives of those with whom I cross paths with.


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“People are my first priority.”