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Ronas Munakarmi

Math has always been my favorite subject. I remember growing up I used to borrow my older brother and cousins’ math books and helped them with their homework.

I was born in Nepal. I moved to the USA after finishing High School in 2008. I attended OCC and got my associate degree in Business Administration and Liberal Arts. I got my Bachelor’s and Master's Degree in Accounting from Walsh College.  I joined Lansat CPA as part time then was hired for full time position in August 2019. The most important thing about Lansat CPA is we treat each other and our clients as our own family. Everyone here is helpful and respectful. We are all about helping our clients to get the best service possible. This place makes me feels like home away from home.

In my leisure time, I love watching soccer and my favorite team in Manchester United. I also love to cook and watch movies.


“It is all about being respectful to each other and to our clients.”